Is It Possible To Do Painting On Kitchen Backsplash?

You may have wondered, “Can you paint a tile backsplash?” if replacing your tile backsplash makes you shudder, but you’d want a more cost-effective option.

In a word, yes. A tile backsplash may be painted for a quick, cheap, long-lasting kitchen makeover. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to paint your tile backsplash like a pro in just 5 simple stages.

A Tile Backsplash, May It Be Painted?

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YES! In fact, you don’t need any special paint chemicals that create a tonne of fumes to paint a tile backsplash, making it far simpler than painting floor tiles (one of my favorite lovely but affordable flooring ideas) or shower tiles.

Adding a painted backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom is relaxing and enjoyable.

Are there any tile backsplashes that can be painted?

We have used this technique to paint tiles made of ceramic and travertine (natural stone). The Reasons we have Applied Three Different Coats of Paint to My Tile Backsplashes.

I painted two since replacing the tile backsplash was out of the question due to cost. Both times it was in an attempt to change an outdated, unsightly backsplash in a budget-friendly method.

And both times, it worked wonderfully. The first time we painted a backsplash in our previous house, I didn’t know whether it would work.

This was the first time anyone else did it, so little information was available. If the paint job didn’t turn out well, the tile backsplash in our previous kitchen couldn’t be much worse.

We were still determining how long it would last, but after many years of use, it showed no signs of chipping or peeling and had to be replaced. The before and after images are shown below (we also painted our kitchen cabinets without priming or sanding).

After a long time had passed, we finally settled into our new house and began planning a kitchen remodel. The travertine backsplash was not our taste, so we painted it using this process! (We also used countertop paint to make the worktops seem marble, and we painted the kitchen cabinets).

Brown, out-of-date kitchen

Blue and white tile backsplash kitchen: I immediately started the $1,000 kitchen remodel for my buddy Thea.

She disliked her red tile backsplash, but we were on a limited budget and wanted to remodel every surface in the kitchen. After successfully completing a painted tile backsplash, we decided to give it another go later. This time, though, we spiced it up with a stencil design.

Backsplash Tiles: How to Paint Them

Painting a tile backsplash is easy, and you just need a few simple tools. A high-caliber introduction (we used Sherwin-Williams general purpose primer).

Conclusions In General Milk paint, in any shade you choose (we mixed the Snow-White color with a little bit of Antique White), we have never met an acrylic paint with better adherence, and it’s the only kind I’d use to paint a backsplash.

Painting a Tile Backsplash: Directions

You may watch the video instruction below to see every step of this D.I.Y. painted tile backsplash project. The complete instruction is shown in the video above, but you’ll find it below if you prefer reading to watching.

In this article, you will find instructions on how to paint and stencil a tile backsplash. Remember that using solid color paint and skipping the stenciling

  • will go much faster.
  • The tile must be cleaned.

Use T.S.P. to thoroughly clean the tile in your backsplash (trisodium phosphate). In Thea’s kitchen, we painted a ceramic tile backsplash, but I’ve also used this technique on terra cotta and travertine tiles. We can’t think of a tile surface this wouldn’t work on.

  • The tile must be primed.

If you need to, lay a drop cloth over your counters to protect them from paint and stain (we were planning to refinish the butcher block countertops anyway).

Apply primer to the backsplash tiles before you install them. Every surface, including the grout, was primed. We used a multi-purpose primer made by Sherwin-Williams. At this point, it will look bad, but that’s okay.

  • Decorate the tile.

The tile paint you use makes a difference. Regular latex paint should not be used. Use only the best acrylic paint for this. You may also use an enamel-based paint, but I don’t want to deal with them because of the oil they contain.

General Finishes Milk Paint in the shade your choice comes highly recommended (we mixed the Snow-White color with a bit of Antique White).

One quart of this paint can cover a large backsplash area. I only suggest using this paint for a backsplash because of its exceptional adherence; it is a high-quality acrylic paint. Using a roller or brush, paint the whole backsplash, including the grout.

You should keep painting until the surface is completely covered. We used our own special white paint and put on three thin layers. This paint has the added benefit of drying quickly. It took around 5 minutes for each coat to dry. After only one coat, it looked like this.

  • Use a stencil (optional)

You are now prepared to stencil if you want to decorate your backsplash with a design. This stencil was made to measure 7 inches to fit snugly over four of Thea’s tiles, each 3.5 inches on a side. You can see much more information about stencils in our video lesson.

  • Put on the finishing coat.

We recommend waiting at least one full day before applying a top coat after painting. General Finishes High-Performance Water-Based Topcoat is the only varnish We can wholeheartedly endorse.

It’s effective, and the application process couldn’t be simpler. You get to decide on the final coating.

As the tile already has a little gloss, we applied a satin finish to emphasize that. Nonetheless, the gloss and semi-gloss finishes are great substitutes for high-gloss tile.

A bristle brush is all needed to apply a thin layer—a foam brush can create bubbles, which is not the desired effect. It’s much quicker than painting! Follow the can’s drying time recommendations between coats. We used two coats everywhere except just in front of the sink, where we used three.

So long! Really, y’all, this is a fairly easy task. Stenciling will be time-consuming but easy.

How long does the color stay on a painted tile backsplash?

The backsplash in our kitchen and Thea’s kitchen were painted over two years ago and still look new. There are no peeling or chipping areas. For almost 18 months in our former home, the backsplash I painted looked great until we tore it out and had laminate placed.

When painting a tile backsplash, is there a certain kind of paint that must be used?

Nope! Yes, we can see why you would ask; you need a specialized product to paint shower tiles. Yet painting a tile backsplash merely takes a decent primer and a high-quality paint with strong adherence. A good top coat is another suggestion.

What paint and top coat do you recommend when painting a tile backsplash?


Regular latex paint should not be used. You need adhesive paint of the highest grade. You could use an enamel-based paint, but we avoid them because of the oil they contain, making them a hassle to deal with and clean up afterward.

General Finishes Milk Paint is an excellent acrylic paint that covers and stays on various surfaces; We highly suggest it. The General Finishes High-Performance Water-Based Topcoat is my favorite choice for finishing coats.

Please be aware that General Finishes has never paid me to write this, nor has it ever supported anything. Simply said, I love all of their paints and supplies.


How do you clean a tile backsplash that has been painted?

If your painted backsplash ever becomes filthy, wash it off with a Clorox wipe (or whatever you normally use to clean your kitchen). We would avoid using anything abrasive to clean it (like steel wool) (like steel wool).

Before you go off, here are a couple more shots of her kitchen after we completed the $1,000 kitchen renovation for her.

The painted backsplash is undoubtedly the star of the show. Dry-painted tile backsplash with a geometric stencil by Tasha Agruso of Kaleidoscope Living


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