How to Remove Odors from Furniture in 6 Easy Ways?

Although old, furniture that smells bad can still be recovered. Several reliable cleaning techniques can restore even the most malodorous furniture to a fresh and hygienic state.

The preferred merchandise is widely available at various grocery stores. However, there exist multiple alternatives that effectively eliminate odors from furniture. Discover six cost-effective methods for eliminating odors from furniture.

The product under consideration is the Arm & Hammer Carpet Odor Eliminator.

The buffet mentioned above was procured through a reliable source, Craigslist, and underwent a noteworthy transformation, which can be viewed by clicking the provided link.

We have made numerous purchases for several years, and this particular acquisition stands out as the most unsatisfactory.

The pervasive odor of smoke was highly unpleasant. It is difficult to articulate the severity of the situation. Before use, we performed a cleaning procedure and would like to caution you.

The addition of a damp cloth to an object with a strong smoke odor result in a significant amplification of the scent. After allowing it to dry for the night, the subsequent day witnessed a pervasive and unpleasant odor emanating from my entire garage.

The product that effectively resolved the issue was the Arm & Hammer Carpet Odor Eliminator. This substance exhibited remarkable efficacy. We use nearly the entire container.

Acquire a set of disposable bowls or containers and deposit the powder into them. Place a receptacle containing powder within each compartment, aperture, and crevice of your furnishings, maximizing the utilization of available space.

Seal the container and allow it to sit undisturbed for some time, such as overnight or several days, and then voila! The absence of olfactory sensations is desired. Dispose of the powder afterward.

The material has assimilated various unpleasant odors, rendering it unsuitable for retention. The Island Mist fragrance exhibits a notable potency, albeit with a gradual dissipation of its floral notes over time.


Acquire an inexpensive spray bottle from a discount store and fill it with a solution consisting of equal parts water and vinegar. Utilize it to cleanse your item, including the interior sections of its drawers.

Another method involves placing several bowls filled with vinegar inside the furniture and allowing them to remain there for approximately 24 hours.

We utilize pre-owned t-shirts and clothes as conventional cleaning agents. The most advantageous aspect of this particular item is its affordability, as a large container of white vinegar can be obtained for a nominal fee.

Fabric softener sheets

Dryer sheets are thin sheets made of synthetic materials added to clothes during drying to reduce static cling and impart a pleasant scent.

The utilization of conventional dryer sheets, such as Snuggle or any preferred brand, is being referred to. Dryer sheets were utilized to freshen the buffet located in the foyer.

The olfactory characteristics of this item were not overtly unpleasant, exhibiting a distinct mustiness with a subtle fragrance reminiscent of perfume.

The cleaning process was executed thoroughly, placing a few dryer sheets within each drawer and cabinet. The storage unit was then sealed for a while. Lavender can be used as a means of eliminating odors from furniture.


Applying paint or stain to the recently acquired malodorous furniture would be beneficial. Moreover, additional olfactory merits can be achieved by exposing it to sunlight for a certain period after cleaning.

In the case of a dresser or any other furniture item that comprises drawers, it would be beneficial to apply paint to the interior of the drawers as well.

Zep Cleaning

The Zep 505 cleaning solution is my preferred choice for cleaning aged furniture. We have been using this particular product for several years, and it effectively removes dirt and grime.

It is advisable to utilize gloves while handling this particular item. This is the material that was utilized for the refurbishment of a Chinese display cabinet.

The object in question had been stored in a barn for an indeterminate length and proved to be the most repulsive undertaking I have ever undertaken. The visual representation in question is observable at this location.

Murphy’s Oil Soap

Murphy’s Oil Soap is a household cleaning product used to clean various surfaces.

This item is a commonly used tool in my garage. The product exhibits a refreshing citrus aroma, effectively removing dirt and grime from wooden furniture. Apply Murphy’s to the interiors of drawers and cabinets, then thoroughly clean them.

Therefore, it is advisable not to disregard a valuable item solely based on its unpleasant odor. These are my essential tools for restoring and cleaning antique furniture. I am interested in learning about your preferred methods for this task.

FAQS about Odors

What are the methods for eliminating a musty odor from a couch?

A potential method for eliminating a malodorous scent from a couch involves the utilization of a fabric softener sheet. This method has been demonstrated to be effective and cost-efficient.

Implementing a dryer sheet might reduce moisture accumulation on the sofa and oppose any constant musty scent that may have persisted over an extended period.

To implement this technique, one must place the dryer sheet onto the dampened region of the couch. Additional dryer sheets can be used to cleanse damp or malodorous surfaces.


Potential remedies for eliminating odors in a couch through natural means.

An enzymatic cleaner is a viable method for eliminating odors as it operates by decomposing the scent’s origin. Baking soda is a viable solution for odor absorption and can be applied to upholstery. Additional natural remedies comprise the utilization of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

Chemical solutions are available in various forms, such as gels, sprays, and powders, to remove odors from couches. The design of these products aims to efficiently eradicate odors while refraining from imparting any potent scent.

Chemical solutions are frequently employed to eradicate odors from upholstery or fabrics. The above products are obtainable in various forms, such as gel, spray, or powder.

A biocide cleaner, such as chlorine bleach, can effectively eliminate mildew odor from clothing. However, it is not recommended for furniture or upholstery due to the potential risk of damage or discoloration.

It is highly advisable to exercise caution when utilizing any chemical solution on your couch. Angelo’s employs cleaning agents that are safe for children and pets.

The personnel of our organization comprises six individuals who have obtained the certification of IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaners.

What are the methods for eliminating the odor of smoke from a sofa?

Eliminating the odor of smoke from fireplaces or cigarettes can pose a challenge. Utilizing a vacuum cleaner is a viable method for eliminating the odor of smoke.

Perform a thorough cleaning of all surfaces and fabrics using a vacuum. It is advisable to vacuum the pet bed in households with pets, as pet hair has the potential to absorb odors.

Subsequently, position several receptacles containing sodium bicarbonate onto your settee and loveseat. It is recommended to allow approximately 3-4 hours before performing another round of vacuuming.

What are the effective methods for eliminating musty odors from draperies or curtains?

The close proximity of drapes and curtains to the ground can frequently result in a musty odor. The optimal method for eliminating the malodorous scent is employing a solution composed of water and soap.

Prepare a solution by combining water and dishwashing soap (or laundry detergent) in a spray bottle. Thoroughly blend the components before applying the resulting solution via spraying onto the drapery or curtains.

It is recommended to cleanse the items meticulously by subjecting them to a cold-water wash, followed by a subsequent rinse in hot water.

Most curtains are unsuitable for machine washing due to their dimensions and may emerge from the dryer with creases and distortions.

The drapery cleaning service offered by Angelo’s Cleaning is designed to provide convenience to customers by eliminating the need for ladders or re-hanging curtains. It is achieved by cleaning the curtains while they remain hanging.

Strategies for Eliminating Animal Odors from Upholstered Furniture

The impact of humidity and temperature on canine olfactory perception within domestic environments.

The olfactory emanations of dogs are attributed to bacterial activity; hence the odor of canine fecal matter is more potent in higher ambient temperatures.

In regions with higher temperatures, the olfactory intensity of canine fecal matter is likely to be more pronounced due to the heightened metabolic activity of microorganisms in warmer environments.

Similarly, during periods of lower temperatures, bacterial activity is reduced, resulting in a decrease in the intensity of the odor.

The Impact of Humidity and Temperature on Feline Olfactory Perception within Residential Environments

It is widely acknowledged that feline companions have the ability to emit malodorous scents within domestic settings.

One of the primary rationales for this phenomenon is the absence of sweat glands in their anatomy and their tendency to engage in self-grooming, which may result in the accumulation of bacterial microorganisms.

To mitigate these odors, it is necessary to maintain the cat’s litter box in a location with adequate ventilation and to perform regular cleaning.

There exist various commercial products that aid in mitigating cat odors, including pet odor-neutralizing candles and sprays.

The humidity and temperature levels within a household are influential factors in the olfactory perception of feline odors within said household. Elevated indoor temperatures can increase bacterial proliferation from pets’ self-grooming activities, exacerbating malodorous emissions.

In summary, removing odors from aged furniture requires perseverance and diligence. However, this undertaking can be accomplished successfully with the right technique, resources, and equipment.

Whether using natural remedies such as baking soda or vinegar or using a sander and various sealing agents, the furniture in question will expeditiously emit a pleasant and hygienic aroma.

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