How To Paint Roof Shingles And What Are The Tips For It?

You should paint it if this is the case. After all, it’s a cheap method to give your house a brand-new appearance.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having your roof painted and the steps to take to do the job yourself if you disregard the advice of professionals.

An asphalt shingles be painted?

Even more so, asphalt ones? Think about this before you try to be Picasso and use your roof as a canvas:
It is typically not worth the time or effort to paint roofing shingles. You’ll likely be disappointed with the outcome, and it could cause damage to your roof or nullify the shingle guarantee if you try.

According to reputable roof companies and shingle manufacturers, asphalt shingle roofs should not be painted. However, it is your house.

Things to Think About Before Repainting Your Roof’s Shingles

Painting asphalt roof shingles up close with a brush, a roofer painting shingles. It’s just as silly to paint your asphalt shingles as it sounds.
There are several factors to consider when choosing a new roof colour. Maybe the vinyl siding on your new home doesn’t go well with the paint on your old car, or your roof is starting to show its age, and you want to give it a facelift.

Roof shingle painting is a momentous decision fraught with serious consequences. Let’s think about a few things before you make a call.

Local Weather Conditions

The local weather is a major factor to think about when you paint your roof. You should expect the paint to fade rapidly in a sunny and hot climate. Sunlight’s strong UV rays may also break down paint, necessitating more frequent touch-ups.
The paint is more likely to flake and chip if you live in a humid environment. It may also cause an overabundance of mildew development if it retains too much moisture.

Roof’s Shingle Age

If your roof is relatively new, it is probably in better shape and can be painted. Even so, use caution since doing so may invalidate your warranty.

However, an older roof may not withstand the added weight of fresh paint.

Most homeowners who consider repainting their shingles do so because their older roof shows signs of wear and tear. The paint you use and your surface preparation steps will be scrutinized more closely than usual. You might do more harm to your roof if you don’t take care.
People often want to paint their roofs, so they may experiment with new colours. While this may be a valid justification, it’s important to remember that the fresh hue won’t last forever.

Painting the shingles may not be the greatest choice if you want to drastically alter the appearance of your house; instead, you should hire a qualified roofing contractor to replace the roof entirely.

What is the Average Price of Painting Roof Shingles?


You should invest in some good acrylic paint. A cheaper paint might be found, but its durability would suffer.
If you use the correct paint, one gallon will cover around 100 square feet of roof.

Remember that you’ll get the finest results using a primer and then applying two coats of paint. The total cost of roof painting might be approximately $1,000.

Asphalt Shingles: Why You Shouldn’t Paint Them.

  • A guy with paint cans in the backdrop crosses his arms to warn against painting asphalt shingles
  • Nothing will persuade you not to paint your roof like this guy.
  • You can alter the colour of your roof by painting the shingles, but that doesn’t mean you should. Before beginning the project, there are significant drawbacks to think about.

Slow and tedious

Roof painting is a difficult home repair job, particularly if you can’t get any friends to assist you and are doing it alone, but it has little to do with the structural integrity of your property.

You may need to hire a ladder or scaffolding to get to the upper areas of your roof, and the project might take many weekends to complete. If you choose this path, consider the weather conditions (discussed further on) and prepare accordingly.


It’s risky to climb up there without training or protective gear. No matter how cautious individuals are, they still have yearly roof falls. If you fear heights, you should hire someone else to do this job.

Additional Upkeep

If you want to paint the shingles, you’ll have to do it every other year to maintain the paint in excellent condition. You’ll have to repaint every few years, which is inconvenient and expensive compared to replacing the roof with shingles in the desired colour.

Wetness Issues

Avoid painting your roof if you are located in a humid climate. In such circumstances, paint is more likely to peel and chip, increasing the frequency with which touch-ups are required.

The shingles may disintegrate more quickly because the paint sealant surrounding the asphalt traps moisture.
A shorter lifecycle for shingles
Be aware that the lifetime of your shingles may decrease if you opt to paint them, even with a 40- or 50-year guarantee, asphalt shingles typically only last 20 to 30 years.

You’ll have to replace them sooner if you paint them due to moisture issues and other damage caused by the painting process.

Void Guarantee

Critical! Most asphalt shingles have a “lifetime” guarantee of 20, 30, or even 50 years, but the claim is null and useless if you paint them. You can’t paint the shingle, even if you just have a limited roof warranty.

If your roof’s lifetime is short, this may not be a major worry, but if it’s quite new, you may be in a bind if problems arise.

Uneven Coating Is Hard to Paint

It is difficult to get a uniform coating when painting shingles, which may lead to a streaky or uneven finish. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll quickly realize this.

Hiring a professional painting business with expertise in painting roofs in your region is your best bet for work that looks as well as it was done.

Is there any truth to the claim that white roofs are more energy efficient?


Reflectance and transmittance are terms used to describe a material’s colour. Black ones absorb more heat due to their reduced reflectivity than white shingles.
It has been estimated that “the systematic replacement of dark surfaces with white could lower heat wave maximum temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius or more.”

This estimate comes from Yale University of The Environment.This implies that your energy bills won’t rise as much during the warmer months if your roof is white.

However, the cost savings from painting a roof to make it more energy efficient are so little that they are unlikely to be detected when paying a power bill.

Is It True That a Lighter Colored Roof Saves on Energy Costs?

There is some evidence that a lighter roof colour might improve energy efficiency. In the summer heat, white or other light-coloured roofs will more effectively reflect the sun’s rays than a dark-coloured roof will absorb them. As a result, you can reduce your home’s cooling energy use by as much as 2 per cent.

And even if this is the case, the savings will be more than made up for by the reduced need for heating in the winter, thanks to the darker shingles’ ability to retain heat.

Provides a Quick Fix for an Eyesore of a Roof

If you want to update the appearance of your house but aren’t quite ready to replace the roof, you may do it temporarily by painting the shingles. If you want to raise the value of your property and sell it, this may be an excellent option.

  • Roof painting is not always a deal breaker, but it is something many licensed home inspectors will point out.
  • Potential purchasers will be aware of periodic roof maintenance or replacement requirements.
  • No Need to Replace Your Roof to Get the Color You Want
  • Painting your roof has several advantages, including the fact that you don’t have to buy new shingles to change the colour.
  • Choose whatever colour you choose, from black to white to green to blue, for your roof. The home is yours!

This is a great way to give your house some character and make it stand out from the others in the area. However, you may get the same effect by changing your shingles’ colour as you replace them.

When Should You Can-You-Paint-Roof-Shingles?

Painting your roof is only a good idea if you have an old roof and want to make it seem better for a year or two and if you can find a price for the job that is affordable enough to justify the expense in the short term. As long as you know the risks, you should proceed cautiously.

The methods outlined below will help you prevent most of the common issues arising between the painting years.
Homeowners caught in the middle will be relieved to know that there are safer ways to update the appearance of their roofs than by painting the shingles.

Changing the Color of Your Roof: Other Options

There are alternatives to painting your roof if you put your faith in professional opinion. Not at all!
After being washed with low pressure, the roof’s radiant light levels are adjusted to contrast their pre- and post-wash states.

Washing the Roof Gently

A professional company using a gentle wash technique to clean your roof is a common choice. Cleaning surfaces with low-pressure and detergent is known as “soft washing” or “low-pressure washing.” Eliminating unsightly fungi like algae and lichen is a common approach to enhancing your home’s curb appeal.
Removal of plant growth and debris with soft-wash roof cleaning may significantly impact your property’s visual appeal.

The good thing about this alternative is that the cost is equivalent to painting while still less than replacement. While a wash won’t keep your roof looking like new forever, it will be less than a new roof and won’t need to be repainted every few years.

Total Roof Substitution

Something is wrong if you want to paint your roof. Roofing replacement is often the best option. This is the priciest choice, but it will endure the longest and safeguard your property the best.

Roof Hub’s online quoting service may get you an estimate for a new roof in your inbox in as little as three hours.

Investing in High-Quality Asphalt Roof Coatings

If you’re dead set on giving your roof a new coat of paint, you should invest in the finest asphalt roofing paint money can buy. To ensure the paint lasts as long as possible, now is not the time to cut corners. Some criteria for selecting roof paint are provided below.

  • Determine the area of your roof to be painted.
  • Be careful to figure out the square footage of your roof before heading to the hardware store since one gallon of paint will cover around 200 square feet.
  • Pick out some bright hues.
  • If you insist on ignoring conventional wisdom, you may as well go with a light hue that reduces heat absorption by around 2%, such as white, beige, or light grey.

What sort of paint is best for shingle roofs?

Make sure you pick an acrylic paint made for asphalt shingles. These paints, often water-based, are more durable and tenacious than their solvent-based counterparts. Roofing paints are readily available at any hardware shop like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Ace Hardware.

When painting asphalt shingles, how do you get them ready?

You’ll want to ensure your asphalt shingles are in good shape before you start this possibly earth-shattering painting procedure. It’s better to clean them for this purpose.

Remove trash

  • Before you can paint your shingles, you’ll need to power wash them to remove the years’ worth of dirt and plant life. Power washing may be done by renting a power washer or hiring a professional. Using a high-pressure machine can remove granules from your shingles, weakening their structural integrity, so instead,
  • you should use a power washing provider that is acquainted with the gentle wash procedure.
  • You may also check out the post-cleaning appearance of your roof. You could be satisfied with the look and decide to forego further painting.
  • Pick a week when there is no chance of precipitation.
  • If you want your paint job to turn out well, choose a week with no rain in the forecast. A surprise downpour will do nothing except destroy your hard work. I hate having to start again.
  • Wait and take stock.
  • You may wonder why you should bother with all this when you could just get a new roof. Although we hear you, we also understand that there are situations when folks simply want to paint the object. Once you begin painting, you must complete the project or replace the roof. So, pause for thought and make a good decision.
  • If you’ve made the decision to proceed, good for you! You should expect to spend the next several weeks climbing ladders, bringing them inside, priming, painting, climbing them again, and hoping without hope that it doesn’t rain. Now that you know what to do, you’ll soon have your job finished.

How to Take Care of Your Roof After Painting

  • You’ve just completed a major project, painting the roof, and deserve a break. This time, at least! Remember that before you realize it, you’ll have to repaint everything.
  • Make any required adjustments.
  • You should inspect your roof once every few months to look for damage that needs fixing. This is particularly true when listening to sparrows sing in the spring after a long, cold winter and on a crisp football-filled day in the fall after a sweltering summer spent indoors under the sun’s blazing beams.
  • You should always have some additional paint in case any chips appear.

How long will a roof that has been painted last?

Depending on environmental conditions, painted shingles must be reapplied every one to three years. However, that is just a guess.

Inexperienced painters can cause problems in less than a year.

Is it wise to paint shingles?

No, you shouldn’t paint asphalt shingles.

Despite this, many individuals choose to transform their rooftops into artistic statements. At the very least, you should have a roofing expert look over your roof for symptoms of more serious structural problems before you proceed.

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