7 Best Glue For Ceramic Repair

Having a ceramic home object break is annoying, but most can be fixed if you have the necessary components and glue. The finest ceramic glue may be used to repair both large and tiny ceramic surfaces, such as countertops and tiles.

Having a specialist adhesive on hand is a must if you own or work often with ceramics.
We put a number of super glues and epoxies through their paces on stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware, three of the most popular types of ceramics in the home, to gauge their application, drying, and cured final Color.

Find the ceramic glue that will become a staple in your toolbox or kitchen drawer with the help of this handy guide.

Methods Used to Evaluate Ceramic Glues

We evaluated the adhesives on the basis of three criteria: bonding time, applicator type, and adhesive Color after drying.

All adhesives evaluated showed promise for use with earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain.
We clamped or manually held each ceramic component in place for the manufacturer-recommended bonding period, and in most cases, the bond hardened in less time.

The Gorilla Super Glue was the only glue to have both a brush and a nozzle, whereas the others all had just one.

Top Picks from Us

In our hands-on evaluation, we discovered that all of the glues we tried could fix cracked ceramics, although some were more user-friendly and had shorter drying periods than others.

If you’re looking for the best adhesive for ceramics, you’ll find it here.

Gorilla Super Glue Brush and Nozzle is the Best Choice for Ceramics.

Gorilla Super Glue gel is the best solution we tested for general ceramic repairs because to its novel composition, which combines rubber particles to boost bond strength and impact resistance.

In addition to wood, this Gorilla Glue cures in less than 45 seconds on plastic, metal, stone, cloth, paper, and rubber. It dries transparent, so it’s easy to conceal damages.

A fine-bristled brush for tiny, thin cracks and a precision-tip nozzle for rapid, precise dispensing are supplied in addition to the glue itself, so its application may be tailored to the specifics of the project.

However, mastery of the applicators requires practice. Our experiments showed that it takes many attempts with the tip applicator to get the glue to flow at the optimal pace while using Gorilla Glue.

brown wooden handled paint brush

The brush applicator is straightforward; however, it was difficult to load up the brush with enough glue without producing a huge mess due to the gel’s thick consistency.
There is no way to make this Gorilla Glue waterproof or FDA acceptable. It should be administered in a well-ventilated location because to its strong odor, which disappears as it dries.



  • Gel formulation allows for clear distribution for better management and precision.
  • There were two different kinds of applicators available, a brush and a nozzle.
  • Instantly bonds to provide simple, fast repairs on a variety of substrates.


  • It requires experience to use the nozzle applicator, and some people may find it difficult.
  • When using a brush, the container’s rim becomes dirty, and the lid could cling after being closed.
  • Extremely pungent Odor when wet; heavy users might consider using a face mask.
  • Amazon, Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, Target, and Lowe’s all stock Gorilla Super Glue.

Krazy Glue Home & Office Brush-On Glue

Krazy Glue Home & Office Brush-On Glue is recommended for a quick and secure connection at an affordable price. Ceramics, metal, vinyl, plastic, and even wood may all benefit from the quick binding it gives.

The integrated brush applicator may be maneuverer with ease and provides thorough coverage, especially in constrained areas. The adhesive stays usable and the brush hairs stay separate thanks to the ingeniously built no-clog container.Best-Glue-For-Ceramic-Repair

Krazy Glue passed our tests with flying colours, producing a secure hold with just a drop or two. The brush makes it simple to apply the adhesive, but the transparent, watery substance makes it difficult to control.

Also, because it dries so rapidly, it’s a good idea to make a dry run: put the parts back together before adding the glue so you know exactly where to put them. This inexpensive yet necessary item is offered in pairs. It’s not waterproof and it hasn’t been given the OK by the Food and Drug Administration.


  • Rapidly hardens, allowing for instant repairs.
  • There’s enough of product to last for a very long time, and a little goes a very far way.
  • The brush applicator is simple and straightforward, making it ideal for rookies.
  • Extremely strong adhesive for use on ceramics and other materials.


  • Bonds instantly to skin upon inadvertent application and almost sets too quickly to remove.
  • The thin consistency of the mixture makes it difficult for certain people to apply it correctly.
  • You may get Krazy Glue at Amazon.

J-B Weld 50112 Clear Weld Quick-Setting Epoxy

Strong, long-lasting, and transparent bindings may be achieved with J-B Weld Clear Weld Quick-Setting Epoxy on a wide variety of substrates, including ceramic, glass, wood, and plastic.

Its 3,900 psi (pound-force per square inch) makes for a far stronger bond than the typical 500 to 2,000 psi found in glues.
The epoxy comes with all the tools you need to use it, including a mixing dish, a stir stick, a syringe, and a craft stick.

Although it dries in 5 minutes and cures in an hour, we found that it was necessary to clamp or keep objects together while the epoxy cured. Because of the flexibility of this schedule, changes may be made as required.

The Food and Drug Administration has not tested or approved this epoxy, and it is not watertight.


  • Strong adherence to a wide variety of substrates because to its high tensile strength.
  • Very fast curing time; useful for emergency repairs.
  • The syringe-like applicator makes it simple and accurate to apply.
  • The waste-free cap guarantees safe, repeated use, and clutter-free stasis.


  • While gluing ceramics, users may need clamps or other holding devices.
  • The tray and craft stick are one-time-use only.
  • You can get J.B. Weld Clear Weld adhesive from places like Amazon, HD Supply, and Lowe’s.
  • J-B Weld 50101 Minute Weld Instant-Setting Epoxy
  • This two-part epoxy is more than just an adhesive; it also rapidly and effectively plugs cracks and fissures in ceramics. The heavy-duty epoxy has a tensile strength of 2,300 psi and may be used with a wide variety of substrates, including ceramic tile, fiberglass, plastic, PVC, wood, concrete, and PVC pipe.

Instant-setting J-B Weld Minute Weld epoxy cures in approximately an hour after setting.

The epoxy comes with all the tools you need to mix the formula, including a syringe, a mixing dish, and a stir stick. The FDA has not authorized this glue, and it is not watertight.


  • An easy-to-use syringe-like applicator allows for pinpoint administration.
  • Long-lasting repairs are ensured by the high tensile strength adhesiveness.
  • Completely sets in 60 seconds for emergency repairs that can’t wait


  • The tray and craft stick are one-time-use only.
  • Amazon, Ace Hardware, and Lowe’s all carry the J-B Weld Minute Weld adhesive.

Gorilla Glue Original Waterproof

You may confidently use Gorilla Original Waterproof Gorilla Glue on a ceramic vase or planter, as well as anything that will be left outside in the rain or snow.

Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane adhesive that is activated by water and may be used to create a strong, long-lasting connection.

In addition to ceramics, this watertight adhesive is effective when applied on wood, metal, foam, glass, stone, and concrete. However, you should never apply it to anything edible since it lacks FDA approval.


  • Totally impervious to water and weather damage.
  • A powerful adhesive that, once applied on ceramics or other materials, expands to three times its original size.
  • The bond remains strong in both warm and chilly environments.


  • The large bottle is awkward and could hinder precise application.
  • The adhesive can’t be managed well due to the applicator’s large tip.
  • Sets entirely in 1–2 hours; not good for emergency repairs.

DAP’s All-Purpose 100% Silicone Adhesive Sealant

Don’t weep over shattered plates or spoiled milk.

Fixing a beloved cup, plate, or other object that comes into touch with food and drink may be done safely using DAP Silicone Adhesive Sealant.

The DAP name is well-known for its line of high-strength adhesives that are safe for classrooms, workshops, and workplaces.

After just 24 hours, this clear-drying glue is shown to provide a watertight seal that can withstand the dishwasher and microwave.

In addition, following extensive testing, we found that this silicone glue never shrank nor cracked after curing.


  • Safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher; ideal for a wide variety of dishes
  • Safe for use on all food containers; contains no hazardous chemicals.
  • Effective on glass and ceramics, both of which are nonporous
  • This fish bowl and aquarium-safe adhesive is waterproof.


  • Glue flow may be difficult to regulate during usage.
  • Buy some DAP adhesive from Amazon.com.

Pratley Quickset White Epoxy Glue

Pratley Quickset White Epoxy Glue is a fast-setting, high-strength glue that may be a good option for those in a need. It may be used to seal seams and fill in crevices and cracks.

Its tremendous strength makes it a top option for sinks in addition to stone, concrete, glass, fiberglass, and metal. It is often used to repair beautiful ceramics, which are rough, hard, and painted.
The two-tube Pratley Quickset system has to be mixed, however there is neither a mixing dish nor a stir stick included. However, it bonds in only 3 minutes, and the result is already 75% strong within 30 minutes.

Epoxy is white, so it will show after repair; however, it may be painted to blend in. It’s not watertight, and it hasn’t passed FDA muster.


  • A simple press of the tube is all it takes to distribute and combine just a little.
  • Immediately bonds, but may still be manipulated for fine tuning for up to 15 minutes.
  • Extremely long-lasting; excellent for filling gaps and adhering strongly to porous surfaces like ceramics.


  • Very pungent lingering Odor; use only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Excess must be wiped off right away before it sets; application may be difficult for some.
  • Warning: this may be seen on ceramics with deeper patterns or colors if used on non-white surfaces.
  • How to Determine the Most Appropriate Glue for Ceramic Fixes
  • Let’s get down to brass tacks now that we’ve covered the greatest categories of ceramic glue. The effectiveness of the glue in mending a broken ceramic object depends on several factors.

What factors should you think about while looking for a new ceramic glue?

Although many other adhesives exist, super glue and epoxy are the most often used for mending ceramics
Super glue is cyanoacrylate, which is generated from cyanide.

This time-saving substance doesn’t need to be mixed like epoxy and dries in seconds. It works well for thin ceramics and repairs, such as rejoining the rim of a shattered planter.
Epoxies are two-part adhesives (a hardener and a resin) that work well for fusing ceramics together.Best-Glue-For-Ceramic-Repair

Epoxy is the best option for repairing goods that receive a lot of handling since it is more durable than super glue, but it requires more time to cure and preparation.

Because of their high viscosity, epoxies may also be used as fillers. They work well as a temporary fix for blemishes and may be sanded and painted to blend in with the surrounding surface.

Form of Container and Applicator

To ensure that the adhesive is placed precisely where it needs to be, the applicator tip of many super glues is rather tiny. Some products come with a nozzle that allows for more targeted application.

Some glues have a brush that allows for more precise control over the consistency of the applied substance.
If the container is designed to function as an extension of the applicator, its form may also play a significant role in improving the product’s use. In addition, certain container designs are less prone to leak than others.

Don’t use containers that leak, since this wastes product and raises the possibility of skin irritation from coming into touch with adhesive.

Time to Dry and Transparency

Drying times vary depending on the glue type and are often listed on the label. Epoxies often take 30 minutes to 5 minutes to set and many hours to heal.

Since quick-setting adhesives like super glue often dry within seconds, it’s advisable to execute a dry fit first to check the precise positioning of the components before applying the adhesive.

Opacity after drying is another consideration.

Most glues cure to a clear gloss, making them undetectable once applied on ceramic.

However, the hue of some of them changes as they dry. If you want to use glue as a filler, choose a kind that is compatible with the ceramic’s hue.

Food Security

The chemical make-up of many ceramic adhesives is what gives them their incredible strength.

These chemicals are often not “food-safe,” meaning they should not be used on plates, glasses, or anything else that will come into contact with food or drink. Cyanoacrylate is a common ingredient in super glues.

If swallowed, the chemical might cause mild stomach discomfort and irritation to the skin. Although the chemical is mostly non-toxic at low concentrations, the FDA warns against using it on anything that comes into contact with food or drink.
Check the product label for an FDA clearance stamp if the ceramic item being repaired is intended for use in the preparation, serving, or display of food.

Only via such verification can you be confident the adhesive is safe for use in food. Products that will not come into contact with food do not need an FDA stamp.

To be or not to be watertight

Waterproof or water-resistant adhesives for ceramics are the norm rather than the exception. Use a waterproof glue if your ceramic object will be immersed in liquids or stored in a humid environment.

Waterproof epoxies are less common than water-resistant super glues. Some glues may even withstand the harsh conditions of a dishwasher if they are water-resistant.

whether you want to know whether the glue you’re considering buying is waterproof, check the label or look it up online.


Most ceramic glues, like other crafts supplies, may include extras that might help with repairs.

Tools like scrapers, spatulas, and attachments that let you regulate glue flow are examples of applicator aids.

  • You can either brush the glue on or squeeze it out; some adhesives have different caps, syringes, and nozzles for each application
  • Super glues and epoxies may ruin surfaces, therefore it’s important to work on a tarp or other protective covering. However, sticky versions of them are uncommon.


Advice on Using Glue for Fixing Ceramics

Even while many craftsmen depend on a high-quality glue gun, a bottle of epoxy or super glue is always useful, particularly when dealing with ceramics.

These adhesives are multipurpose and may be used for everything from reassembling a broken flowerpot to fixing a porcelain statue. Here are some things to keep in mind while gluing ceramics for the best results:

  • Before applying the glue, make sure the ceramic pieces are thoroughly clean and dry.
  • Apply epoxy within 3 minutes after mixing to prevent it from drying out.
  • Put pressure on the ceramic pieces until they can stand on their own.
  • Hold smaller parts in place with the assistance of tweezers.


You should now be able to choose and utilize the best glue for ceramics, but you may still want to learn more. In this article, we’ll address some of the most often asked issues about the use of super glue and epoxy.

Does ceramic cookware allow for gluing?

If the adhesive is safe for human consumption, then yes.

Can Gorilla Glue be used to fix ceramics?

Yes. The most highly suggested product for fixing ceramics is Gorilla Super Glue.

Can you tell me about a ceramic glue that works?

Put some glue or epoxy on the fractured edge and hold it together until it sets. Wait the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer before using.

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